Top 10 Hollywood Movies Filmed With An iPhone

Top 10 Hollywood Movies Filmed With An iPhone!

There is something in particular about how film chiefs that work with scarcely any assets and make it work. It truly shows all of us the amount we overthink things.

These 10 films, however, were made by individuals hoping to demonstrate to others that it’s not about the hardware, it’s about how you use what you have. All you truly need is your telephone, and some desire.

Here is a rundown of the
Top 10 Hollywood Movies Filmed With An iPhone

Top 10 Hollywood Movies Filmed With An iPhone!

1. High Flying Bird

 High Flying Bird Soderbergh was back at the iPhone game in 2019 with High Flying Bird. In this film, he concentrated on the business behind ace b-ball.

The film recounts to the account of a games specialist pitching an unpredictable business chance to a new kid on the block player during a lockout.

With a major city feel and stunning meticulousness, the film catches a b-ball game through a “video shot by young people“, a decent workaround to utilizing an iPhone as your solitary genuine apparatus.

2. 9 rides

 9 Rides Matthew A Cherry made 9 Rides, which has all the advanced indications of our present society. The reason is based around a Uber driver that checks in to take a shot at the busiest night of the year,

New Year’s Eve. The night takes him all over the city as he ships nine distinct arrangements of travelers who assist him with dealing with groundbreaking news.

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Matthew A Cherry utilized an iPhone 6 and furthermore financed it on Kick starter. Everything worked out for Cherry when the film played at the SXSW, and the Chicago International Film Festivals.

3. Romance in New York

Sentiment in New York Tristan Pope made this film in 2015 utilizing an iPhone 6 utilizing the perspective of a sweetheart out on the town with his better half. The sentiment was no simple accomplishment to make, however Pope unquestionably made it work to the pundits’ fulfillment.

To include, it was subsidized on Kick starter, indicating it had uphold well before the story was made genuine. It won the top prize at the iPhone Film Festival in 2015 and you can discover it on iTunes, it’s well justified, despite all the trouble.

4. Night Fishing

Late evening Fishing Now that we as a whole know Park Chan-wook after he co-composed and coordinated Old kid, which on the off chance that you haven’t seen is portrayed as mind blowing, we can acknowledge how long he’s been at the imaginative game.


Not exclusively would he be able to make a spine chiller with a plot so perplexing you can’t squint, however he can likewise make a film like Night Fishing, on an iPhone 4! It’s a dream thriller and won Best Short Film at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Next time your father requests that you help him with his telephone, advise him that Park Chan-wook shot an entire film on his and he’s right around 60, so he is absolutely equipped for making sense of his iPhone.

5. I Play With The Phrase Each Other

 I Play With The Phrase Each Other Taking imagination to the following level, this film isn’t just shot on an iPhone, yet comprises totally of telephone discussions. It was so never going to budge on pushing that point that its site was

It’s a high contrast film with the steady inclination that something isn’t exactly right. Obviously, the imaginative edge worked and brought something new to the film. It won the Special Jury Prize at Slamdancein 2014.

6. And Uneasy Lies the Mind

 What’s more, Uneasy Lies the Mind This iPhone film by Ricky Fosheim is about the perspective of the fundamental character Peter. The individuals who watch it, in any case, likewise end up uncomfortable themselves, as it’s very shocking and pushes limits.

It was taken shots at a ski chalet utilizing an iPhone 5 with the Filmic Pro application. Ricky said he needed to shoot in 16mm however didn’t have the cash for it. Thus, he did what he could with the iPhone and the application and presto!

 7. Searching for Sugar Man

Looking for Sugar Man This Oscar victor by Malik Bendjelloul could never have been made in the event that he hadn’t utilized an iPhone and an application costing $1.99 when he ran out of cash. The film is a narrative after Rodriguez, a performer who was disregarded by individuals in his own town however for all intents and purposes a star in South Africa.

He got a kick out of the chance to remain relaxed, had no telephone, kept quiet, so his fans thought he’d murdered himself. Really taking shape of the film, Rodriguez was found as well as driven back to fame.

 8. Tangerine

Tangerine With an alternate point of view on transsexual work, this iPhone-shot film moved individuals at the 2015 Sun dance Film Festival. Just the iPhone 5s was utilized and the inattentiveness and virtuoso behind it earned it a spot in the Academy Museum and in film impacting the world forever.


The chief, Sean Baker, additionally utilized a FilmicPro. He didn’t know what kind of response he’d get, both on account of his strategies and the topic of the film, yet it was stunning to pundits and associates the same, rousing numerous and acquiring him grants.

9. Snow Steam Iron

 Snow Steam Iron This film by Zack Snyder was shot after the wreck that was Batman v Superman. He utilized an iPhone 7 Plus and a Filmic Pro. This film was about retribution and not a full-length highlight.

The 4-minute movie is effective and however from the start pauses for a minute to perceive what the chief is doing, the “a-ha second” is sublime. The way this should even be possible with an iPhone causes me to feel like I’m utilizing my telephone inaccurately.

10. Unsane

It’s not simply broke chiefs taking a stab at iPhone films. Steven Soderbergh checked it out as an imaginative intrigue and recorded Unsane, highlighting Claire Foy as the star. He utilized an iPhone 7 Plus and shot it in only 10 days! Discussion about pushing through.

The New Yorker was astonished. The utilization of the iPhone made another vicinity to the subjects, both strict and allegorical. Pundits considered it to be a positive flash of oddity on his work and on Hollywood motion pictures all in all.

so this is the Top 10 Hollywood Movies Filmed With An iPhone.

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