How to make a body without a gym in 15 days

How to make a body without a gym in 15 days // A healthy person has respect everywhere, good body/Body is very important for personality, you wear expensive clothes and how your body is not, and how it feels, you know that the body people are given more money, whether it is in the job or anywhere, the limit is that the body is also needed to make a good girl friend.

Those who are thin have to be pranked everywhere, and they also weaken it in the way of thinking. They feel ashamed to be told, and the claim to take advantage of this is a claim by the company in the market, which is correct, but the excessive claim is useless, just a means of making money. One thing I can clear you here, the body cannot be made in a day or two or a week, it definitely takes a lot of time and the more hard work it is, so let me today tell you the ways in which you can follow your body and say goodbye to your lean body.

Let’s Start How to make a body without a gym in 15 days :-

Body Making Tips

First of all, to create a body, release bad habits –

1). Quit smoking: – If you are a body/body to make, you must first give up some bad habits like Tobacco, cigarette, pan, if you cannot quit, use a little less.

2). Quit masturbating: – Another very bad habit is in almost every boy, masturbation is masturbation it is not a problem in making a body of control, and often the body is not the same boy who is trying to masturbate, it is a very bad habit that the day you leave this thing, it will start to become your body, it does a lot of damage to the body.

The white substance that comes out of masturbation is the squeeze of our body, which is made up of a lot of vitamins that we waste, which causes vitamin deficiency in our body, you will never leave for 1 month, then you will know the difference, if you want a good body, you have to leave the habit at least 15 days.

Pay attention to your diet and food to make a quick body –

3. Drink sufficient amount of water: – If you do not allow water to be lacking in your body, water is drinking according to the weight of the body, but no one has the time to measure, but the water will not drink a lot, but it will benefit as much as you drink.

4). Grow your diet: – You have to change your way of eating and drinking, eat 3-4 times a day, eat a little bit, and you will start to feel hungry, all the claims that come to make the body are only hungry.


5). Take the required amount of calories: – To make a body, you have to take the required amount of calories and the calories will come from eating in the right way, so give you a link to use the food that has more calories, so you can know how much calories you need every day. Go from where.

You should use this type to get more calories.

-Morning and evening – 1-2 glass of milk.

-Evening and Morning– 1-2 pieces’ banana.

-Morning and evening – 1-2 eggs.


Use nonveg.

Use soybean.

Eat green vegetables.

Use salads more.

6). Pay attention to food and drink: – Eat in time, avoid outdoor food, and eat quality food, and do not take tea and coffee immediately after eating food.

7). Sleep: – Sleep is very important for making the body, so relax, and sleep in time. If you do not sleep on sleep, drink water before bedtime. Drinking water before bedtime at night reduces your stress and makes your sleep better. Take at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep.

8). Avoid these things: – To make a quick body, you should avoid eating junk food and sweet food. At the same time, make a distance from the clapping things.

9). Use fat matter: – Fatty substances work to grow your body. The effect lasts for a long time if they take the right amount. For example, you can take butter, chips, geysers, etc. Fats are in olive, canola, sesame oil, salmon fish . Fat-hearted heart, blood, children, vision and brain development are essential.

10). Vitamins and calcium: -Use of a certain amount of vitamins and calcium it will come from drinking your food depends on your age, sex, weight, how much vitamins and calcium you need, so you can also use the claim, such as bicosul, re-betel, and the other.

How to eat to make a body

  • Yogurt:- Also use yogurt with potato furatha at breakfast, it is beneficial for making the body strength.
  • Milk and ghee: – Add one teaspoon of pure ghee to a glass of sweet gun-gun hot milk while sleeping.
  • Peanuts: – 40 grams of peanuts, chewed with 10 grams of jiggery and consumed as snacks are a good source of energy.
  • Spinach: – Spinach is very useful for muscle building. Eating about half a kilo of spinach every day will greatly benefit you.
  • Fresh fruits: – Fresh fruits are important in providing energy to the body. Bananas, oranges, apples are very essential fruits for building muscle. The vitamin B present in them strengthens the muscles.
  • Pineapple: – The element present in pineapple helps to digest the broxilin  protein. It also reduces muscle irritation. It is also a food, so once you start eating it, you will just eat.
  • Paneer: – Paneer is considered to be very useful for muscle building and body tight. You will not even feel hungry for a long time after eating it.

How to make a quick body?

If you also want you to have a body, you must have a time set of every rouge to make a body. You can read a little or wait for the body not to be formed in a day. The more time you spend, the more you will become a good body. You have to do a daily workout.

11). Exercise your whole body:- Exercise the whole body gives more and more benefits. The more muscles you use during exercise, the more hormones in the body (including epinephrine and norepinephrine) will become, which in turn stimulates muscle growth during exercise and for the whole day.

Pay equal attention to all kinds of muscles of the body, such as five sets of crying after five sets of bench presses. This will stimulate balanced exercise, development, and flexibility.

Exercise hard, but do it for a short time. Limit your overall exercise to 45 minutes a day.


You can exercise the whole body in each session, or, for example, divide your session, between the upper part of the body one day, and the lower part of the body the other day.

Compound exercises such as squats, dead lifts, prigs, crying, and pull-ups use different muscles.

12. Avoid stress: – Whether your stress comes from a job, from home, or you are always under stress, do what you can to eliminate it. It is not only bad for you in general, but also increases the production of stress cortisol hormones, and this hormone inspires your body to add fat and burn muscle tissue. Because of this, the body never becomes.

Workout Tips

Friends, many people exercise to make a body, but they do not know the right way, so their bodies are not formed. To make the body the right way, you need to follow a weekly time table. Below, I am giving some tips, follow it.

1). On the first day cardio workout: Cardio exercise is a way to keep our whole body and especially the heart healthy.

2). The second day Biceps Workout: Biceps are attached to the shoulders and downward elbows upwards. Good biceps reveal the personality and strength of man.

3). Third day Lower Body Workout: Lower body workouts increase flexibility.

4). Back WorkoutBack Workout – Back exercise has a lot of benefits to the body it helps to make the back wide. It helps the overall body to look muscular and attractive.

5). Fifth Day – (Tricep Workout): Triceps are an exercise that shapes your arms and also seems to be non-reactive.

6). Sixth Day ABS Workout: Creating abs is a little difficult, but it is possible with regular hard work. You have to exercise well for abs.

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