History of Maharana Pratap

History of Maharana Pratap :-

who do not succumb to the very formidable situation and give up. They also lose and live”

Maharana Pratap

History of Maharana Pratap / Maharana Pratap was a great man of his era. Because of their qualities, everybody respected them. His heroism is world famous. He left his throne for the independence of his motherland and the supremacy of the Rajput’s and spent his life in the jungles, but did not kneel in front of the Mughals, which is a source of inspiration. Maharana Pratap’s heroism and self-esteem are immortal forever in the pages of history.

History of Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap was born on 9th May, 1540 at Mewar (Rajasthan). He was the son of King Rana Uday Singh of the Mewar Shishodia dynasty. His mother’s name was Biontabai, the daughter of Sonagra Akharaj of Pali.  As per the birth anniversary of Maharana Pratap, the party tritiya is celebrated every year as a senior mother. Maharana Pratap, since childhood, inspired his parents to protect good sanskars, weapons and weapons. The reason why Maharana Pratap was courageous, heroic, self-respecting and freedom-loving.

Maharana Pratap’s coronation was in Gogunda. Rana Pratap’s father Udai singh was frightened by Akbar and camped on the Aravalli Mountain and made Udaipur his new capital. However, Mewar was also under him. Maharana Udaisingh handed over the throne to his younger son at the time of his death, which was against the rules. After udaisingh’s death, Rajput Warlords together 1628 Falgun Shukla 15 i.e., on March 1, 1576, Maharana Pratap was seated on the throne of Mewar.

As soon as he sat on the throne of Mewar, he had to face an unprecedented sankoto, at that time, half a megawatt was under the Mughals and the Mughal emperor Akbar was striving to establish his supremacy over the remaining mw. But with patience and courage, they faced every calamity.

The capital of his state was Udaipur. The state border was Mewar. From 1576 to 1597 A.D., he ruled. On Udaipur, the Yavan, turks can easily invade, and with the advice of the samas, Pratap left Udaipur and made the hilly terrain of Kumbhalgarh and Gogunda his centre.

Many families in Rajasthan had succumbed to Akbar’s power, but Maharana Pratap struggled to sustain his offspring and did not introspect before Akbar. In view of this, Akbar sent his peace envoys to Maharana Pratap for a total of 4 times. But they rejected it.

Battle of Haldighati


The Battle of Haldighati is a major link in India’s history. The war took about 4 hours on June 18, 1576, in which there was a war in Mewar and Mughals. In which Maharana Pratap’s army was led by the only Muslim Sardar Hakim Khan Suri and the Mughal army was led by Man singh and Asaf Khan. In this war, Maharana Pratap’s army had only 20000 soldiers and 85000 soldiers of Akbar’s army. The valour he showed is unique in Indian history. They protected the dignity of their ancestors and decided that the states would not consume happiness until they freed their kingdom. Since then, he began to sleep on the earth, living in the loaves of grass in the Aravalli forests and wandering in distress, but he did not accept the submission of the Mughal emperor. He made his life to protect his motherland.

In the same battle, Maharana’s faithful Hakim Khan Sur and many brave companions like Bhama shah and Jhalaman were also martyred in the same war while saving Maharana’s soul.

Maharana Pratap’s most beloved horse was ‘ Chetill ‘. Who had accompanied his master till the last breath. Chetill was a very sensible and heroic horse who had saved jumping Maharana Pratap from the 26-foot-deep river by putting his life at stake. While the drain could not cross the Mughal cavalry.

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Despite trying for 30 consecutive years, Akbar could not make Maharana Pratap captive. Akbar was also grieving over the death of Veer Maharana Pratap, who had been hit by a long-term power like Akbar, through his limited means. He knew that a brave like Maharana Pratap was impossible to meet all over the world. The ideal of gallantry that Maharana Pratap presented is unique. The circumstances in which they fought were really complicated, but they did not give up.

Everything is going to end in this world,” wrote poet Abdur Rahman of the Mughal court. Wealth will be destroyed, but the qualities of a great man will always be alive. Pratap left wealth but never bowed his head. He alone retained his honor in all the princes of India. ‘And once former US President Abraham Lincoln was visiting India, he asked his mother… What I bring to you from India, his mother said, “You come from India with the soil of Haldighati, which thousands of heroes have had with their blood.”

If Rajput could find a respectable place in Indian history, the credit goes mainly to Rana Pratap. They did not allow their motherland to be a system or stigmatized. The sun of the Mughal Empire sank, but Rana Pratap’s pride is still sparkling today. Even today, Maharana Pratap’s name is a source of inspiration for innumerable Indians. Rana Pratap’s swabhiman is the capital of Bharat Mata.

Death Of Maharana Pratap

Finally, due to injuries suffered during the hunt, Maharana Pratap went to heaven in Chowed on January 19, 1597.

Names of all the 11 queen of Maharana Pratap

The names are as follows

  • Maharani Ajde Punwar
  •  Amarbai Rathore
  • Ratnavatibai Parmar
  •  Jasobai Chauhan,
  • Phool Bai Rathore,
  • Shahmatibai Hada,
  • Champabai Jhati,
  •  Khichar Asha Bai,
  •  Alamdebai Chauhan,
  • Lakhabai,
  • Solankhipur Bai.

Names of all the 17 sons of Maharana Pratap

  • Amar Singh, Bhagwan Das,
  •  Sheikh Singh,
  •  Kunwar Durjan Singh,
  •  Kunwar Ram Singh,
  •  Kunwar Rambhana Singh,
  •  Chanda Singh,
  •  Kunwar Elephant Singh,
  •  Kunwar Natha Singh,
  •  Kunwar Garbage Singh,
  •  Kunwar Kalan Das,
  •  Sahas Mall,
  •  Kunwar Jaswant Singh,
  •  Kunwar Puran Mall,
  • Kunwar Gopal,
  •  Kunwar Sannaal das Singh,
  •  Kunwar Mal Singh.

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