cough cause and home remedies

cough cause and home remedies / MucusCough is a common disease, but it gives a lot of discomfort. It is also known as Tansies. cough can happen to anyone at any time. The slightest change in the weather is the first effect in our body, and the winter becomes quite good. Whatever the cough, whether it is dry, whooping cough, mucus, these domestic prescriptions are adopted.

cough cause and home remedies

Causes of coughing

Cough is a reflex that suddenly affects humans. This is something that causes trouble in your throat or airways that sends a message to your brain. It aims to cleanse external microorganisms, microbes, irritation, fluid and mucus from our respiratory tract and throat. It rapidly removes the air from the lungs.

Cough can occur intentionally or without desire. Sometimes, the cough can be very vigorous. However, cough is also a sign of a serious illness. Prolonged, bruising cough can cause exhaustion, staying awake, headache, stomach problems and even rupture of the ribs. There are many other causes of coughing, such as

  • Cough may be caused by cold or any infection.
  • Excessive exposure to dust soil also causes cough.
  • Having a major disease such as TB, asthma, lung cancer
  • Cough disease can be caused due to improper diet, lack of fruits and vegetables in contaminated food and food.
  • High smoking and alcohol intake can also cause cough.
  • Eating sweet things can also cause cough.
  • Phlegm (mucus) is a mucous mucosa accumulating in our throat and lungs that comes out with cough or coughing.

Types of Cough

  • The cough with which the cough is produced is called a cough and the cough in which the cough does not emerge is called a dry cough or also a cough. If the cough continues to occur, the patient knows chest pain while coughing and the disease should be understood for more than a week that the patient is starting to have racy disease.
  • The second form of cough is a cough that most children have. Due to the disease, the patient is coughing, but the contaminated material with cough does not emerge. The disease is dripping saliva from the patient’s mouth and nose. This cough lasts for several days and is very much disturbed.
  • In addition, a sharp cough is caused by a short period of time, and or mostly an upper trachea infection. It is caused by flu or common cold. And chronic cough can last for 6-8 weeks. It is caused by Allergic rhinitis, T.B. or Lung cancer and Lung infection.

Symptoms of cough

Generally, there are symptoms of closed nose or nose flow, sore throat, sound sitting, wheezing and shortness of breath, feeling of fluid behind the throat (postnasal drip) etc.

Home remedies to cure cough

Salt found ginger chutney or its pieces in the mouth and sucking it quickly in the cuff and cough.By mixing the hang, Triphala, Mulethi and Mishree with lemon juice, it also benefits the cough.

Mixing ginger juice with honey gives immediate rest to cough. It also fixes asthma.

In cough, the small pipli will be eroded and the patient with honey will get a quick rest.

By mixing 2 grams of giloi with honey, the cough is cured.

The snarling of thyme powder leads to the removal of chronic cough and phlegm. At the same time, health disease is destroyed.

When children cough, they get a quick benefit from the feeding of coriander in rice.

In the cough of children, the bloated sugar 2-3 with milk or honey in the amount of ratty gives immediate rest. Mother’s milk is the best.

In whooping cough, the treated Hing from one to four ratti gives immediate rest.

Grind the cloves in cold water and mix the misère. Then he should be on fire or roasted with honey. It gives a quick rest in the sizeable.

Tulsi leaves, sucking with pan leads to the cough. You can also take it with ginger. 10 leaves for adults and five leaves for children are enough. Tulsi can be used in every disease. Before using it, it should be made of a fine chutney.

Keep the powder of small pipli and tepat leaves. When cough colds, one gram of it is relaxed with honey.

Combine cinnamon, hand, mulhti and munkka in equal quantities and make small tablets. Sucking those bullets in the morning in the afternoon will not cause a chronic cough.

Fry the alum and finely finely chop it. Add a little sugar to a ratti bhuni alum and eat twice a day. Whooping cough will be cured in 5 days. The big man can take up to two ratti.

To cure chronic cough, the patient should drink fruit juice for 3 days and keep fasting and then use fruits for 10 days and clean the stomach by taking enema action until the problem of constipation is removed.

Half-purified bhilan, drinking with cow’s milk, removes the complaint of phlegm.

Adding a little honey to the juice of mehndi leaves benefits the cough.

Add two teaspoons fenugreek seeds in a glass of water and boil. When the quarter of the water is left, it is immediately relaxed in the cough and cough by mixing four teaspoons of honey.

Sucking pepper in dry cough benefits immediately. If there is a cough, use pepper to boil in water.

Grind with basil leaves and lick with honey the cough is eliminated from the root.

Those who complain of cough and cough should be consumed by mixing misère and pepper in carrot juice.

Drinking the tea of Mulethi also gives comfort in dry cough. To make it, place the dry root of two tablespoons of mulathi in a mug and pour boiling water into this mug. Let the steam take 10-15 minutes. Take it twice a day.


If there is a persistent cough, it can also be a symptom of an increased disease. Check with your specialist for seven days or when you have not improved your cough when you have high fever, skin red rash, proceed with brain pain or a sore throat with a cough. Get treatment with a good doctor.

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