Causes of pain in the legs and home remedies

Causes of pain in the legs and home remedies // Pain or stretch in the legs is a health problem that occurs for a variety of reasons. It causes more difficulty in walking. However, the pain of legs should not be taken lightly, which can cause a major problem. Usually the greater likelihood of pain in the legs arises after 40 years, but for some reasons there are earlier. Cause pain in the bottom legs and go to their home remedies.

Causes of pain in the legs and home remedies

Causes of pain in the foot

Pain in the legs can occur for a variety of reasons, such as muscle shrinkage, fatigue of the masils, excessive walk, exercise, stress, lumps caused by blood clothing, knees, hiccups and lack of proper blood circulation in the legs. Lack of water, lack of proper diet, swelling, lack of minerals and vitamins like calcium and potassium in food, deep injury inside, any infection, nail ripening, etc. Sometimes the bones of the body are weakened and the pain in the legs is also complained. Although the cause of this pain is normal, many of its pain becomes unbearable, causing difficulty in everyday work.

Domestic Ayurveda treatment for pain in the foot

⇒, the pain of the foot is beneficial by taking one teaspoon of milk twice a day with a teaspoon of ascent and chop sugar powder.

boil the neem leaves in water and mix a little alum in the water, as hot as you can keep your feet in this water for 10 to 15 minutes.

, fry the garlic in mustard oil and massage it. The pain of the foot must be cured.

It is very important to drink water ⇒. It reduces the shrinkage of the masils and the pain of the feet. Drink the right amount of water before going to the gym or walk or doing any kind of physical exercise. It keeps the body completely hydrate.

⇒, combine turmeric powder, lime juice and salt to make a smooth coating. Apply this coating to the affected area. It will immediately relax you with pain and also eliminate foot pain.

combine ⇒ clove oil with sesame oil and apply it to the feet. This will remove the itching of the feet.


treatment of foot pain, foot exercise is also recommended, which will relax your foot pain by increasing the circulation of blood in your body.

⇒ take more milk products. Cheeses, milk, soybeans, salads, etc., will give you full amount of vitamins. Increase the amount of things that have more calcium and potassium in your food.

⇒ rock salt in a tub of hot water, mix with 2-3 large tablespoon rock salt, keep your feet in it for 10 to 15 minutes. Will get a quick rest.

Home remedies to cure pain in the foot

1). Fix pain with a pressure roller – massage the painful place with a device that presses the acupressure point. Make it a place of pain again and again for at least five minutes. This process can be 2-3 a day, it is very effective, will get relief in a few days.

2). Hot and cold water therapy can be a better remedy if you are suffering from heel and soles pain. Take two buckets of half a water. They have cold in one bucket and lukewarm water in the other. Pour the first legs in warm water for three minutes and then pour the legs in cold water for three minutes. Repeat this process 3 times. That is, three times, put the feet in cold water and three times in lukewarm. You will see your pain disappear immediately.

Take care of these things

high-rise ankles/ shoes Do not use slippers they are likely to fall and do not wrap the legs.

use anti-bacterial product to wash ⇒ feet.

foot massage: Foot massage is very effective in eliminating foot pain. With a tennis ball or rolling pin you can massage the foot. It gives a lot of relief.

⇒ if you feel that you have some kind of infection in your foot, add salt to the warm water and make the feet. This makes the bacteria in the legs die.

⇒ you can put warm and cold water in order on the aching part of your feet that will relax the stressed muscles. Treating foot pain, you can do it in many ways such as dip towels into warm water and put on stressed muscles. You can take a bath of lukewarm water or steam on your stressed muscle. You can also find comfort by planting snow.

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