Causes of Headache and Home Remedies

Causes of Headache and Home Remedies / Headache is a common problem, but sometimes it is so fast that it becomes difficult to tolerate. There can be pain in any part of the head and this pain is the only symptom that refers to any disease of the head.

Sometimes there can be headaches due to excessive stress, fatigue, starvation, heat up, or a common physical problem such as fever or colds. Getting up with headaches in the morning means wasting the whole day. So let’s know some Causes of Headache and Home Remedies

Why Headaches Occur ?

Headaches are actually a problem associated with the nervous system and neck. Headaches are caused by stress in the pen sensitive structure present in the brain. There are nine places in the head and neck where there are pen sensitive structures, such as muscles, veins, eyes, ears, nerve, arteries, subcutaneous tissue, sinus, cranium and mucous membranes.

Headaches occur by colliding with blood cells and veins in the brain. At the time of pain, a certain end of the blood cell and the muscles of the head are activated and send a signal of pain to the brain. Which feels headaches.

Types of Headaches

However, there are many types of headaches and each of them has its own specific causes, symptoms and treatment options. Today, we are here to learn about the 5 main kind of headaches.

1). Migraine: Migraine is the most painful headache. Dizziness, pain on one side of the head, blurred vision, blinking lights or crooked lines are a symptom.

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2). Bunch headache: It is a burning pain headache, which lasts from a few minutes to a few hours, is a great or excruciating pain.

3). Tension headache : It has a slight but painful pain on both sides of the head. The bonfire has a feeling of pressure behind the eyes.

4). Sinus headache: Sinus headache causes twinges in the forehead or cheeks. In addition, touching the face causes pain or swelling.

5). Large blood cell inflammation: Sudden pain in the temple, just above the head or behind the ears, pain or swelling from touching the top, both sides, front or back, both sides, front or back, as well as pain in the jaws, especially when chewing or talking.

Cause of Headaches

  • When a person feels pressure on himself about something or is confused about a situation or situation. His mind becomes disturbed and has a profound effect on the mind, causing stress and headaches.
  • Bleeding over the veins of the head can cause headaches.
  • Headaches occur even when blood pressure is increased or reduced.
  • In fever, headaches occur due to spread of the mastectomy arteries.
  • More anger emphasizes the mind, causing headaches.
  • There is a headache when sleep is low and sleep is not.
  • Headaches occur due to the formation of poisonous substances in the bloodstream, urinary diseases, constipation and indigestion etc.
  • Abscess, swelling and water filling in the head causes headaches.
  • There is a headache even when there is eye weakness and eye, ears, nose, throat and tooth disease.
  • Headaches are also caused by diseases like fever, colds, excess heat, anemia, brain weakness, blood failure, disease of any body part, diabetes, etc.
  • Headaches also occur due to overwork, frequent work and prolonged stay in the same environment.
  • It hurts to read the book for a long time, lie down on the bed and watch television and roam longer in the sun.
  • Also, there may be many other reasons.

Tips to relieve headaches

  • Summer cold oil massage can also relieve headaches.
  • To complete sleep, it will heal headaches.
  • It can also relieve headaches by pressing the head with light hands.
  • Try to remove your attention from pain elsewhere, like listen to lighter music.
  • Taking a deep breath also relieves headaches.
  • Eat dry fruits like almonds and walnuts daily, it reduces stress and strengthens the mind.
  • If there are heat, drink cold water and keep the head from freezing.
  • Drink tea or coffee, caffeine in them also relaxes headaches.
  • Meditation or yoga also relieve headaches.

Domestic Ayurvedic Treatment to Cure Headaches

⇒ In a headache, green coriander should be crushed on the head and will get rest quickly.

Pushkar origin is a natural herb. Rub it like sandalwood and apply it on the head. Applying its coating on the forehead gives a lot of relief in headache.

Grinding the cloves slightly heating the forehead and applying it to the temple immediately relieves the headaches.

Adding lemon to tea can also be relieved of headaches. It gives a quick rest.

⇒ Ginger is very effective. Mix the juice of ginger and lime in equal quantities and drink 2 times a day. You will get a quick rest. Also add water to ginger powder (fennel) and make a paste and put it in the forehead. Take a few pieces of ginger and keep in the mouth.

In headaches, cinnamon oil is relaxed by the stool on the head.

⇒ Mulethi works a lot in headache. Grind the mulethi and make a powder. Take this powder to the nose and smell it. This will touch the headache.

When there is a headache in winter, the cinnamon oil is cured by putting it on the forehead.

Peppermint cools in every way. Eating it gives coolness to the body and the stomach is also right. Peppermint gives us freshness. Grind the fresh peppermint leaf and make a paste and apply it on the forehead. Clean after a while.

Tulsi tea should be drunk when there is a headache in winter. By mixing saffron, javitri, ginger and balbar with ghee, the head is also removed from the headaches.

Grind the people’s leaves, ginger, mulathi and fennel all and make powders. Then add a chamuch water to this powder and make a thick coating. Apply this coating on the forehead. The headache will be over.

⇒ When there is a headache in the heat, mix the mishree with fennel or rose extracts. Drink almonds, sandalwood, Kapoor, Kalami, Shora and geru on the head and the headaches will continue.

Mustard oil is very effective in headache. Put a few drops of mustard oil in the nose on the side of the forehead that is hurting and then draw the breath upwards. This will provide a lot of relief from headaches. When you have a headache, you should lie on the bed and take the pain part under the bed and take oil in the nose.

Oil massage is very effective in headache. The massage starts to get the blood flow in the blood arteries of the head right and the headache immediately becomes touched. Take note of the head massage with herbal oil and when there is headache, the oil should be lightly heated so that it affects quickly.

Drinking a large amount of alcohol often leads to a hangover for people. The hangover has a very sharp headache. Drinking more alcohol leads to lack of water in the body and drinking lemonade also helps relieve water scarcity in the body and also heals headaches.

Spicy tea acts like a panacea for headaches. It is an excient beverage that alerts the mind. Mix a little ginger, cloves and cardamom in the tea and boil it. Hot spicy tea ready. Spicy tea should be hot. This will make your headache disappear and you will also feel refreshed.

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